Airbus A340

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HB-JMO LLBG 08-08-2014a.jpg
Role Wide-bouk jet airliner
Naitional oreegin Multi-naitional
Manufacturer Airbus
First flicht 25 October 1991
Introduction 15 Mairch 1993 wi Lufthansa
Status In service
Primar uisers Lufthansa
Sooth African
Swiss Internaitional Air Lines
Produced 1991–2011[1]
Nummer biggit 377[2]
Unit cost
  • A340-200: US$87 million (aboot DEM 163.6 million or £53 million) (1989)
  • A340-300: US$238.0 million (£145.4 million or €164.1 million) (2011)[3]
  • A340-500: US$261.8 million (£160 million or €180.6 million) (2011)[3]
  • A340-600: US$275.4 million (£168.25 million or €190 million) (2011)[3]

The Airbus A340 is a lang-range, fower-ingine, wide-bouk commercial passenger jet airliner developed an produced bi the European aerospace company Airbus.

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