Ahmose I

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Ahmose I
Amosis, accordin tae Manetho,[1] also Amasis[2]
A fragmentary statue o Ahmose I, Metropolitan Museum o Airt.
Pharaoh of Egyp
Reign c. 1539–1514 BC (Conventional Egyptian chronology) (disputit)
25 years in Manetho, 18t Dynasty
Predecessor Kamose (Upper Egyp), Khamudi (Lawer Egyp)
Successor Amenhotep I
Consort(s) Ahmose-Nefertari, God's Wife o Amun, Ahmose-Sitkamose, Ahmose-Henuttamehu
Childer Princess Ahmose-Meritamon
Princess Ahmose-Sitamun
Prince Siamun
Prince Ahmose-ankh
Amenhotep I
Prince Ramose
possibly Mutnofret
Faither Seqenenre Tao
Mither Ahhotep I
Died c. 1525 BC
Burial Mummy foond in Deir el-Bahri cache, but wis likely oreeginally buried in Abydos
Monuments Palace at Avaris, Temple o Amun at Karnak, Temple o Montu at Armant

Ahmose I (Egyptian: Jˁḥ ms(j.w), whiles written Amosis I, "Amenes" an "Aahmes" an meanin Born o Iah [5]) wis a pharaoh o auncient Egyp an the foonder o the Aichteent dynasty.

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