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Scots: Patriotic Sang
Emblem of South Korea.svg
Sooth Korean emblem

Naitional anthem o

 Sooth Korea

An aw kent as Sang o Love for the Kintra
Leerics 1896[1] probably Yun Chi-ho, Ahn Changho
Muisic Ahn Eak-tai, 1935
Adoptit 1948

Audio saumple
"The Patriotic Sang"

"Aegukga" (Scots: Patriotic Sang, leeterally "lovin kintra sang") is the naitional anthem o Sooth Korea.

Lyrics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Scots translation

Till that day when Mt. Baekdu is worn away an the East Sea's watters run dry,
Mey God pertect an preserve oor kintra!

Hibiscus an three thoosand ri full o splendid moontains an rivers;
Koreans, tae the Korean way, stay always true!

As the pine atap Namsan Peak staunds firm, unchynged throu wind an frost,
as if wrapped in airmour, sae shall our resilient spirit.


The hairst skies are void an vast, heich an cloodless;
the bricht muin is lik oor hert, undividit an true.


Wi this spirit an this mind, let us gie aw loyalty,
in sufferin or joy, tae luve oor naition.


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