Adam Tomkins

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Adam Tomkins

Member o the Scots Pairlament
for Glesga
Assumed office
5 Mey 2016
Personal details
Born (1969-06-28) 28 Juin 1969 (age 54)
Poleetical pairtyScots Conservative an Unionist Pairty
Spoose(s)Lauren Apfel
Alma materVarsity o East Anglia
London School of Economics
ProfessionLegal scholart

Adam Tomkins (born 28 Juin 1969) is an Inglis academic an politician that is the John Millar Professor of Public Law at the Varsity o Glesga Schuil o Law. He haes sat as a Memmer o the Scots Pairlament (MSP) as a Scots Tory an Unionist Pairty candidate fur the Glesga region syne 2016.

He sert aforehaund as a constitutional advisor tae the Hoose o Lairds Constitution Committee an wis makit a constitutional advisor tae the Scotland Office an Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell in 2015. He is the Convener o the Justice Committee, haein foregane haudit the portfolio o strategy, communities, social security, the constitution an equalities.[1]

Academia[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tomkins wis eddicated at Gillingham Schuil, the Varsity o East Anglia (Bachelor of Laws, 1990) an the Lunnon Schuil o Economics (Masters of Laws, 1991).[2] He teacht at the Schuil o Law o King's College Lunnon atween 1991 an 2000 an became a Fellow at St. Catherine's College, Oxford in 2000. In 2003, he wis electit tae the John Millar Chair of Law at Glesga in 2003.[2][3] His resairch interests lie in constitutional theory an historie, British, EU an comparative constitutional law.[3]

Tomkins haes furthset seiven beuks[2] in the auries o constitutional, administrative an European Union law. Twa o his beuks, Public Law (2003) and British Government and the Constitution (2007, with Colin Turpin) ur amang the maist widely uised bi law students in the Unitit Kinrick.[4]

Tomkins haes haudit visitin appyntments at the Varsities o Toronto, Queensland an New South Wales an the Austrailien National Varsity, an haes lecturt athort the warld.[4] In Aprile 2009, Tomkins becam associatit wi Ampersand, a stable at the Faculty of Advocates, as pairt o its Ampersand Academics link atween practitioners an academics. In 2009 he wis appyntit legal advisor tae the Hoose o Lairds Constitution Committee. He wis electit a Fellow o the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2014.[5]

Politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tomkins wis a leadin Unionist campaigner durin the 2014 Scots unthirldom referendum.[6]

Efter the referendum, Tomkins wis ane o twa Scots Conservative representatives appyntit tae the Smith Commission. He wis an unpeyed advisor tae Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell durin the passage o the Scotland Bill throu Pairlament.[7]

In August 2015, Tomkins annooncit his intent tae staund as a Memmer o the Scots Pairlament fur the Scots Conservatives in the 2016 Scots Pairlament election. In a blog post exponin his decision, he wis heichly critical o the Scots National Pairty's actions in governance at Halyruid, an ruised mony policies o the Conservative government at Wastmeinster.[8] He wis electit as a list memmer o the Scottish pairlament fur the Glesga Region in the 2016 Scots Pairlament Election.[9] He foregane sat on the Finance Committee an the Social Security Committee in the Scots Pairlament an the noo sits as the Justice Committee convener. Atween 2016 an August 2020, he serrt on the Scots Conservatives Shadaie Cabinet.[1][10] On 17 Julie 2020, he annoonced his intent tae staund doon as an MSP in the neist Scots Pairlament election due in Mey 2021 fur personal raisons relatit tae wirk an faimily.[11]

Wirks[eedit | eedit soorce]

Frae British Library catalogue (Accessed October 2015).

  • Understanding human rights. (1996, London: Mansell edited bi Conor Gearty an Adam Tomkins)
  • The constitution after Scott: government unwrapped (1998)
  • Devolution and the British constitution (1998)
  • Sceptical essays on human right (2001: edited bi Tom Campbell, K.D. Ewing, an Adam Tomkins)
  • Public Law (2003)
  • Our Republican constitution (2005)
  • How We Should Rule Ourselves (2005: Alasdair Gray, Adam Tomkins)
  • The executive and public law : power and accountability in comparative perspective (2006: edited bi Paul Craig an Adam Tomkins)
  • European Union public law : text and materials (2007: Damian Chalmers, Adam Tomkins)
  • British government and the constitution: text and materials (2011: Colin Turpin, Adam Tomkins)
  • The legal protection of human rights : sceptical essays (2011: edited by Tom Campbell, K.D. Ewing and Adam Tomkins)

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