Abertay Varsity

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Abertay Varsity
Abertay University Logo.svg
Teep Public
Established 1994 - grantit Varsity Status
1888 - Dundee Institute o Technology
Chancellor Rt. Hon. Laird Cullen o Whitekirk
Principal Nigel Seaton
Chair o Coort Eddie Frizzell
Academic staff
218 [1]
Admeenistrative staff
96 [1]
Students 3,845 (2016/17)[2]
Unnergraduates 3,460 (2016/17)[2]
Postgraduates 390 (2016/17)[2]
Location Dundee, Scotland
56°27′48″N 2°58′25″W / 56.46333°N 2.97361°W / 56.46333; -2.97361Coordinates: 56°27′48″N 2°58′25″W / 56.46333°N 2.97361°W / 56.46333; -2.97361
Blue, Red, Gold and Green
Affiliations Million+[3]
Universities Scotland[5]
Wabsteid www.abertay.ac.uk
File:Abertay University logo.png

Abertay Varsity, formally the Varsity o Abertay Dundee till 2014, is ane o twa public varsities in the ceety o Dundee, Scotland.

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