Abarth Simca 2000

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The Abarth Simca 2000 wis an Italian hie-performance automobile produced in the 1960s as a collaborative project o the Simca an Abarth companies in Turin, Italy.

Product description[eedit | eedit soorce]

The A-S 2000 wis a coupé pouered bi a fower-cylinder Simca ingine o 1946.272 cc, ratit at 202 bhp. Its maximum speed wis leetit as 168 mph (270 km/hr). Its oweraw length wis 11.84 ft (3.609 m), oweraw width wis 4.85 ft (1.48 m), heicht wis 3.93 ft (1.199 m), its wheelbase wis 6.86 ft (2.090 m), its front track wis 4.167 ft (1.27 m), an its rear track wis 4.27 ft (1.300 m). Its fuel tank held 6.6 imperial gallons, although optional tanks o 12.1, 18.7 an 24.2 imperial gallons wur an aa available. Its empty weight wis 1518 lb (689 kg).

The caur's radiator-coolin inlet wis a law-set oval in a forrit-thrustin nose; there wis nae obvious forward bumper. The twa heidlichts wur set unner transparent fairins. The bonnet wis lang an markedly sloped. Its windshield wis mair hichtlie-sloped than maist contemporary vehicles. An upturned air deflector wis mountit atop the rear trunk.

The petrol tank wis filled thru a lid-covered cap locatit at the upper-RH corner o the nearly-flat rear windae.

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