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Abalessa is a municipality in Tamanrasset Province, in soothren Algerie, coextensive wi the destrict o the same name. It haes 6,500 indwallers (1998). Abalessa is locatit alang the auncient Trans-Saharan trade route, 80 km wast o the ceety o Tamanrasset, the caipital o the wilaya. The postcode o the toun is 11,120.

The umwhile caipital o the Ahaggar, Abalessa is famous for the Tomb o Tin Hinan, the queen an meethical ancestor o the Tuareg fowk. Tin Hinan supposedly arrived in the Ahaggar Muntains aurie an lived thare in the fowert or fift century AD. On 18 October 1927 Byron Khun de Prorok, discovered a vault near Abalessa containin a skelet, belangin tae a wumman, an her furnitur. In his beuk Mysterious Sahara: The Land of Gold, of saund, and of Ruin Khun de Prorok attributit the skelet tae Tin Hinan. The day, the skelet is on display at the Bardo Museum in Algiers, while the monument whaur it wis discovered continues tae be a popular tourist attraction in Abalessa amang visitors tae the Tamanrasset.

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