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American Staundart Cod for Information Interchynge (ASCII), maistlins said [ˈaski] is a chairacter encodin scheme foondit on the English ABC. ASCII cods represents text in computers, communications graith, an ither devices that wirks wi text. Maist modren chairacter encodins—dealin wi mony mair chairacters—haes a historical foond in ASCII.

Wark on ASCII begoud in 1960. The first edeetion o the staundart wis setten furth in 1963,[1]a major reveesion in 1967, an the maist recent update in 1986. Juist nou, it haes cods for 128 chairacters: 33 is nane-prentin, maistlins obsolete control chairacters that affects the wey that text is processed, an 95 is prentable chairacters.

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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