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Aït-Ben-Haddou is a Wawed Clachan at the eyn o the Hohen Atlas in Süd-Osten Marokkos. The village consists o sev'ral nestit Kasbahs.

Gin an hou lange the ceity yett as normal doun-hames exist can isna claer. Sicher ist jedoch, daß die Lehmbauten der Siedlung einen hohen Pflegeaufwand erfordern. Dieser konnte in der Vergangenheit durch die Bevölkerung geleistet werden. Verfall und Aufbau hielten sich die Waage.

The lang-term exeestance o the settlement is thraitent bi the sinkin o the watter-table that's been gaun o for years, younkers leavin the ceety, the weir an teir o the wather an ither pressurs fae the iver growin flowe o tourists. Conseederin this backgrund, the chynge fae clachan tae open-air museum canna be turnt aboot.

Aït-Ben-Haddou becam weel-kent efter bein listit as a Warld Heirskip Steid bi the UNESCO an as a Film location (e.g. Orson Welles's "Sodom und Gomorrha" an Gladiator). The last ane unfortunate-like caused chynges tae the place. For example the port in the pictur foregrund wis biggit efterhaund for tae amplifee the effect o the impression o a closed ceety ower an abuin that whit it wis onywey.

Coordinates: 31°03′N 7°08′W / 31.05°N 7.13°W / 31.05; -7.13