2018 Erse presidential election

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2018 Erse presidential election
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← 2011 26 October 2018 2025 →
Nominee Michael D. Higgins Peter Casey Seán Gallagher
Pairty Independent Independent Independent
1st preference 822,566 (55.8%) 342,727 (23.3%) 94,514 (6.4%)

Nominee Liadh Ní Riada Joan Freeman Gavin Duffy
Pairty Sinn Féin Independent Independent
1st preference 93,987 (6.4%) 87,908 (6.0%) 32,198 (2.2%)

President afore election

Michael D. Higgins

Electit President

Michael D. Higgins

The Erse presidential election of 2018 teuk place on Friday, 26 October, atween 7.00 a.m. an 10.00 p.m.[2] President Michael D. Higgins, wha wis electit in 2011, wis seeking re-election.[3] This wis the first time sin the 1966 election that an incumbent president faced a contest for a seicont term, an the first occasion on whit an incumbent president nominatin thairsels for re-election haed been opponed, as Éamon de Valera wis nominated bi Fianna Fáil when he socht re-election in 1966. It wis forby the first election wi twa candidates (Higgins an Seán Gallagher) wha contested the umwhile election. Higgins wis re-eleckit on the first coont wi naur 56% o the vote, becomin the first president sin de Valera tae win a seicont term in a contestit election; Seán T. O'Kelly (1952), Patrick Hillery (1983) an Mary McAleese (2004) haed been re-eleckit wanopponed.[4] He wis inaugurated for his seicont term on 11 November.

The election wis hauldit on the same date as a referendum on blasphemy.[5]

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