2014 Kunming attack

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2014 Kunming attack
Kunming Railway Station.jpg
LocationKunming, Yunnan, Cheenae
Coordinates25°1′3″N 102°43′15″E / 25.01750°N 102.72083°E / 25.01750; 102.72083Coordinates: 25°1′3″N 102°43′15″E / 25.01750°N 102.72083°E / 25.01750; 102.72083
Date1 Mairch 2014
TargetKunming Railway Station
Attack teep
Knife attack
Daiths35 (includin 4 perpetrators)
Non-fatal injures

On 1 Mairch 2014, a group o knife-wieldin men an weemen attacked passengers at the Kunming Railway Station in the ceety o Kunming, Yunnan, Cheenae.[1] At least 31 ceevilians wur killt an 130 ithers wur injured.[2]

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