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2010 Haiti yirdquauk

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2010 Haiti yirdquauk
DateTuesday, 12 Januar 2010
Oreegin time16:53
Magnitude7.0 Mw
Depth13 km (8.1 mile)
Epicentre18°27′25″N 72°31′59″W / 18.457°N 72.533°W / 18.457; -72.533
Max. intensityMM X
Peak acceleration0.5 g[1]
TsunamiYes (localized)[2]
Casualties316,000 daiths (government estimate; 2nt deadliest yirdquauk o aw time)[3]

The 2010 Haiti yirdquauk wis a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw yirdquauk, wi an epicenter near the toun o Léogâne (Ouest Depairtment), approximately 25 km (16 mile) wast o Port-au-Prince, Haiti's caipital. The yirdquauk occurred at 16:53 local time (21:53 UTC) on Tuesday, 12 Januar 2010.

Bi 24 Januar, at least 52 aftershocks measurin 4.5 or greater haed been recorded. An estimatit three million fowk wur affectit bi the quake. The heichest reliable daith coont wis estimatit at 220,000.[4] Haitian govrenment estimates wur heicher.[5]

The govrenment o Haiti estimatit that 250,000 residences an 30,000 commercial biggins haed collapsed or wur severely damaged.[6]

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