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A view of Åstol harbor
A view of Åstol harbor
Åstol is located in Sweden
Coordinates: 57°55′N 11°35′E / 57.917°N 11.583°E / 57.917; 11.583
CountyVästra Götaland County
MunicipalityTjörn Municipality
 • Total0.15 km2 (0.06 sq mi)
 (31 December 2010)[1]
 • Total210
 • Density1419/km2 (3,680/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

Åstol is a locality situatit sooth o Tjörn Municipality (close tae Marstrand), Västra Götaland Coonty, Swaden wi 210 indwallers in 2010.[1] Åstol haes aaways been a centre for fishin, especially for herrin-fish, mackerel an flatfish. This is mainly due tae the location o the island.[2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1747, when the great herring period stairtit, fowk wantit tae be close the herring-centrum, which wis ootside o Åstol's harbour. Acause o the great location an the windless bay Åstol's harbour is in, fowk stairtit tae migrate tae Åstol. The island wis perfect for herring fishin an wis a perfect place tae live on.[2]

The men wur fishermen an uised tae be oot on fishin trips for lang periods. Then the weemen haed responsibility ower the hoosehauld an childer.[2] The weemen, prayin for the men tae come back safely durin the tough fishin saison, but the great respect an closeness the residents on Åstol felt for the ocean an aw, made them develop a strang faith in Christianity an God. This view on God an the ocean hae continued throughoot the years an Åstol's society haes been imprintit tae be vera supersticious an tae hae a vera strang belief in God.[2]

Miscellaneous curios[eedit | eedit soorce]

Galenskaparna/Efter Shave made fowk open up thair een mair for Åstol acause thay made a short film that taks place at Åstol, it's cried "Åke från Åstol Archived 2012-09-11 at the Wayback Machine".

Some famous Swadish fowk who lives at Åstol are Birgitta Stenberg Archived 2011-07-23 at the Wayback Machine, Rosita Runegrund, Peter Harryson an Janne Josefsson.[3]

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