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Statyu o Árpád

Árpád (Hungarian pronoonciation: [ˈaːrpaːd]; c. 845 – c. 907) wis the heidyin o the confederation o the Magyar tribes at the turn o the 9t an 10t centuries. The fowk micht hae been aithar the sacret ruler ou kende o the Hungarians, o thayr meelitary laider (gyula), awtho maist details o his life is debatit bi historians, acause sindry soorces gie coontradictory information. Despite this, mony Hungarians caa tae him as the "foonder o oor kintra", an Árpád's preemaynent raue in the Hungarian cenques o the Carpathie Baysin haes been emphasised bi some later chronicles. The dynaesty comin doon fae Árpád ruled the Kingdom o Hungary til 1301.