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ʿAmrān, Yemen


'Amran, Yemen
ʿAmrān, Yemen is located in Yemen
ʿAmrān, Yemen
ʿAmrān, Yemen
Location in Yemen
Coordinates: 15°40′N 43°57′E / 15.667°N 43.950°E / 15.667; 43.950
Kintra Yemen
Govrenorate'Amran Govrenorate
DestrictAmran Destrict
 • Total90,792
Time zoneUTC+3 (Yemen Staundart Time)

'Amran (Arabic عمران) is the caipital o the 'Amran Govrenorate, locatit north-wast o Yemen. The toun lees on the road atween the caipital Sana'a an the maist significant ceety in northren Yemen, Sa'dah. This tot o ower 200 km lang, pavit, biggit bi the Cheenese muntain road leads oot o Sana'a efter aboot 50 km in the heich basin o Amran efter.

The ceety is growin considerably, acause in 2004, accordin tae offeecial census coontit Amran nearly 77,000 indwallers, accordin tae calculations in 2011, awready amaist 89,000. Syne the last census in 1994 (approx. 28,000 indwallers), this represents amaist a triplin o the ceety.

Amran is completely surroondit bi waws. Aboot this the place in recent years haes developit far ayont. The ceety waw dates frae 1720. The foondin o the toun dates back tae the era o the Auld Sooth Arabie Himyarites. At the time o the Sabaean kinrick, the toun blossomed intae a fortress. In pairticular, in the 7t century the toun wis a lairge bear airms durin the clashes o the Sabeans, a plurality regionally based tribes gang. Remains o carvit stanes that belanged tae umwhile temples an pailaces bear witness the day o past glory. A lairge stane inscription foond in the wastren ceety gate (Bab al-Kabir). As for the airchitectur o the Yemeni heichlands teepically prevail in front o hooses in clay an stane construction.