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The Unitit Republic o Tanzanie (play /ˌtænzəˈnə/ Swahili: Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania)[1] is a kintra in central East Africae bordered bi Kenyae an Uganda tae the north, Rwanda, Burundi an the Democratic Republic o the Congo tae the wast, an Zambie, Malawi an Mozambique tae the sooth. The kintra's eastren borders lie on the Indian Ocean.

The Unitit Republic o Tanzanie is a unitary republic composed o 26 mikoa (regions).[2] The heid o state is Preses Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, electit in 2005. Syne 1996, the offeecial caipital o Tanzanie haes been Dodoma, whaur parliament an some govrenment offices are locatit.[3] Atween unthirldom an 1996, the major coastal ceety o Dar es Salaam served as the kintra's poleetical caipital. The day, Dar es Salaam remains the principal commercial ceety o Tanzanie an the de-facto seat o maist govrenment institutions.[2][4] It is the major seaport for the kintra an its landlockit neighbours.

The name Tanzanie derives frae the names o the twa states Tanganyika an Zanzibar that unitit in 1964 tae form the Unitit Republic o Tanganyika an Zanzibar, which later the same year wis renamed the Unitit Republic o Tanzania.[5]

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