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Oxford (pronounced /ˈɒksfərd/ ( listen)) is a ceety, an the coonty toun o Oxfordshire, in Sooth East Ingland. The ceety, made prominent bi its medieval university, haes a population o juist unner 165,000, wi 151,000 livin athin the district boondary. The rivers Cherwell an Thames run through Oxford an meet sooth o the ceety centre. For a distance o some 10 miles (16 km) alang the river, in the vicinity o Oxford, the Thames is kent as The Isis.

Buildings in Oxford demonstrate an example o ivery Breetish architectural period since the arrival o the Saxons, includin the iconic, mid-18t century Radcliffe Camera. Oxford is kent as the "ceety o dreamin spires", a term coined bi poet Matthew Arnold in reference tae the harmonious architecture o Oxford's university buildings. The University o Oxford is the auldest university in the Inglis-speakin warld.[1]

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