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A baa

Fitbaa, or Fitbaw (fae the Inglis association football), is a gemme or sport played by twa teams on a rectangular pairk (aboot 110 by 70 yairds) wi goals (24 by 8 feet) at the twa ends. The twa teams haes 11 players. 10 o the players runs aw ower the park an tries tae kick or heid the baa intae the ither team's goal but canna uise thair hauns. The ither player plays in the goal an is kent as the goalkeeper. The goalie uises his hauns in an 18 yaird box roond aboot the goal for tae stap the baa fae gaun in. The team that haes the maist goals efter 90 meinits wins the gemme. The players is gien a brek o 10 or 15 meinits at hauf time.

Fitbaa is the tap sport in maist pairts o the warld and is the maist popular sport in Scotland. Houaniver, in pairts o Sooth Asie like Indie an Pakistan, fitbaa is a hail sicht less popular nor cricket. In Canadae an the Unitit States, ither sports is mair popular: American fitbaa, basebaa, basketbaa, an ice hockey. In pairts o the Caribbean fitbaa is less popular nor baseball (in Spainyie-spaekin kintras) or cricket (in Inglis-spaekin kintras).

In monie kintras the best fitbaa players is gey famous an earns lairge amoonts o cash. Houaniver, acause fitbaa disna need muckle gear, it gets played by aw kynds o fowk for leisure as weel as for siller.

Competeitions[eedit | eedit soorce]

FIFA's Warld Cup ilka fower year, is the maist popular sportin event efter the Olympic Gemmes. Scotland hae qualified a nummer o times, but hivna iver got past the group stages.

UEFA's European Championship, or Euros as thay're maist weel-kent as, are ilka fower year.

Scots fitbaa[eedit | eedit soorce]

The tap twal teams in Scotland plays athin the Scottish Premier League. The ither thirtie naitional league teams plays athin the Scottish Football League, while the ither semi-pro teams plays athin the Highland League in northren Scotland, the East of Scotland League in an roond aboot Embro an the Mairches, the South of Scotland League in Dumfries an Gallowa, an athin the Scottish Junior Football Association. The Scots naitional fitbaa team play at Hampden Park in Glesgae. Thair followers are kent as the Tairtan Airmy.

Rules[eedit | eedit soorce]

Players canna uise thair haunds or airms (a haundbaa), cept the goalkeepers; the goalie can uise thaim athin thair ain penalty area (thare is an 18 yaird box aroon aboot the goals at the twa ends o the park).

Players canna trip or dunt ane anither (a fowl).

Players canna haud ane anither or hinder ither players gettin tae the baa (obstruction).

If a player pits the baa oot o play at the side o the park, the ither team gets tae thraw the baa back intae play (a thraw in).

If a player pits the baa oot o play at thair end o the park, the ither team kicks the baa back intae play fae ane o the neuks o the park (a corner kick);

If a player pits the baa oot o play at the ither end o the park, the ither team kicks the baa back intae play fae a 6 yaird box juist afore the goal (a goal kick);

The affside rule staps a player fae kickin or heidin the baa tae a teammate that juist haes the ither team's goalkeeper atween him an the goal.

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