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View ower Bonn
View ower Bonn
Flag of Bonn
Coat o airms o Bonn
Bonn is located in Germany
Coordinates 50°44′2″N 7°5′59″E / 50.73389°N 7.09972°E / 50.73389; 7.09972
Kintra Germany
State North Rhine-Westphalie
Admin. region Cologne
Destrict Urban destrict
Laird Mayor Jürgen Nimptsch (SPD)
Basic statistics
Aurie 141.22 km2 (54.53 sq mi)
Elevation 60 m  (197 ft)
Population 309,869 (31 Dizember 2012)[1]
 - Density 2,194 /km2 (5,683 /sq mi)
Foondit 1st century BC
Ither information
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Licence plate BN
Postal codes 53111–53229
Aurie code 0228

Bonn is the 19t lairgest ceety in Germany. Locatit in the Cologne/Bonn Region, aboot 25 kilometres sooth o Cologne on the river Rhine in the State o North Rhine-Westphalie, it wis the caipital of Wast Germany frae 1949 tae 1990 an the offeecial seat o govrenment o unitit Germany frae 1990 tae 1999. Stairtin in 1998, mony naitional govrenment institutions wur moved frae Bonn tae Berlin. Baith hooses o the German naitional parliament, the Bundestag an the Bundesrat, wur moved alang wi the Chancellery an the residence o the Preses o Germany.

Bonn remains a centre o politics an admeenistration, housomeibver. Roughly hauf o aw govrenment jobs wur retained as mony govrenment depairtments remained in Bonn an numerous sub-ministerial level govrenment agencies relocatit tae the umwhile caipital frae Berlin an ither pairts o Germany. In recognition o this, the umwhile caipital nou haulds the title of Federal Ceety ("Bundesstadt").

Internaitional relations[eedit | eedit soorce]

Twin touns - Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bonn is twinned wi:[2]

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