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(Reguidit frae Wikipedia:BAUR)

Blockin or baurin is the act o stappin an eeditor frae eeditin pages except thair ain collogue page (unless that richt haes been taen awa as weel). Blocks are meant tae be preventive, nae punitive.

Raisons for blockin an eeditor

[eedit soorce]

Acceptable raisons for blockin an eeditor include:

  1. Vandalism efter bein wairned at least ance. An exception bein that the eeditor haes vandalised mony times (i.e. at least ten times in the last 24 oors).
  2. Disruptin the wiki efter bein wairned at least ance. The same exception tae the vandalism rule applies an aa.
  3. Makin repeatit personal attecks, efter bein wairned at least ance.
  4. Threatenin legal action agin onyane or onything.
  5. Harassment efter bein wairned at least ance.
  6. Disclosin ither eeditors personal information athoot the person's permission.
  7. Persistent inceevility efter bein wairned at least twice.
  8. Spammin efter bein wairned at least ance.
  9. Bot rinnin disruptively or wioot permission.
  10. Persistent copyricht violations efter bein wairned at least twice.
  11. Appen proxies.
  12. Block evasion or sock puppets.

Gin a block is made ootside o these raisons, an admeenistrator mey claim a common sense exception tae be a guid raison for the block. Gin the commonty maks consensus that the block wis inappropriate, the block must immediately be revertit. If the offendin admeenistrator re-enacts the block again wi the same raisons wioot permission o the commonty, the admeenistrator mey be stripped o thair adminship or blocked. The follaein raisons are nae alloued as "common sense" raisons for blocks:

  • Conflicts o interest (COI).
  • Disruptiv uisername