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(Reguidit frae Wikipedia:AWB)
Oreeginal author(s)Bluemoose (retired)
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Written inC#
Operatin seestemWindows XP an later
Available inInglis
TeepWikipaedia tuil
LicenseGPL v2

AutoWikiBrowser (eften abbreviatit AWB) is a semi-automatit MediaWiki eeditor for Windows operatin seestem version Windows XP an newer. AWB functions reasonably weel unner Wine on Linux but isna offeecially supportit. It is designed tae mak tedious or repetitive eeditin tasks quicker an easier. It is essentially a brouser that automatically opens up a new page whan the last is sauft. Whan set tae dae sae, it suggests some chynges (teepically formattin) that is generally meant tae be incidental tae the main chynge.