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Wikipedia:Personal acquaintances

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Personal acquaintances (German: Persönliche Bekanntschaften) is a commonty project that wis stairtit in 2008 in the German-leid Wikipaedia, tae enable the confirmation o the commonty o active Wikipaedians in "real life" (frae meetups, associations, etc). Users of any Wikimedia project (includin the Scots-leid Wikipaedia) can sign up tae this project wi their uiser name, an ither uisers can confirm that they hae met thaim face-tae-face. Ivery uiser can sign up an receive confirmation tae their main accoont which is kent tae ither uisers. This seestem uises the primar accoont for a uiser (i.e. no alternative accoonts). The project aims tae impruive the wirkin environs an reduce, or eliminate, douts aboot the identity o ither uisers.

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