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Video gemme

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(Reguidit frae Video gemmes)
Fowk playin a lairge scale version o the iconic Pong video gemme at the National Videogame Museum

A video gemme is an electronic gemme that involves interaction wi a uiser interface tae generate veesual feedback on a video device sic as a TV screen or computer monitor. The wird video in video gemme tradeetionally referred tae a raster display device, but as o the 2000s, it implies ony kynd o display device that can produce twa- or three-dimensional eemages. Some theorists categorise video gemmes as an airt form, but this designation is controversial.

The electronic systems uised tae play video gemms are kent as platforms; exemples o these are personal computers an video gemme consoles. Thir platforms range frae muckle mainframe computers tae smaw haundheld computin devices. Specialised video gemmes sic as arcade gemmes, in that the video gemme components are hoosed in a muckle, teepically cunyie-operatit chassis, while common in the 1980s in video arcades, hae gradually declined due tae the widespread availability o affordable hame video gemme consoles (e.g., PlayStation 4, Xbox One an Nintendo Wii U) an video gemmes on desktop an laptap computers an smairtphones.

The input device used for gemmes, the gemme controller, varies across platforms. Common controllers include gemmepads, joysticks, moose devices, keybuirds, the titchscreens o mobile devices, an buttons, or even, wi the Kinect sensor, a person's haunds an bouk. Players teepically view the gemme on a video screen or telly or computer monitor, or whiles on virtual reality heid-moontit display goggles. Thare are eften game soond effects, muisic an, in the 2010s, vyce actor lines that come frae loudspeakers or heidphones. Some gemmes in the 2000s include haptic, vibration-creautin effects, force feedback peripherals an virtual reality heidsets. In the 2010s, the video gemme industry is o increasin commercial importance, wi growthe driven pairteecularly bi the emergin Asie mercats an mobile gemmes, that are played on smairtphones. As o 2015, video gemmes generatit sales o USD 74 billion annually warldwide, an war the third-mucklest segment in the U.S. entertainment mercat, behind broadcast an cable TV.