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Tardis Tour Wales 2013 at Queens Square, Wrexham

The TARDIS (Teem An Relituv Dimeensions Oan Space) is the teem haverin polis box uised bi Doactur Wha. It is well kent fir bein muckle oan the ootside but meekle oan the eenside. Doactur Wha, aw-ways geets hersel in a reet muckle, bandin' aboot the Solar Seestem lik' a fanny in the TARDIS. She bands aboot the galaxy Wae nuthin' mare than the claes o'a bi polar bus driver n Bradley Walsh. She couldnae dae this withoot the TARDIS She's nae feart ae' a brawl, maest ae the time, she scraps wae zippy fae Rainbo, dressed as a big crabbit salt-shaker. Her patter iz whit yae'd expect fae a Sassenach. She fair funs the soond ae her ain vyce braw. Hivin' sich a braw machin' lik the TARDIS fair gies her a oo'er inflated sense o' sel'. Withoot the TARDIS, she wid be nae mair nor a fudd! But wae it, she's mair thin a fud. She's a roaster whae can traivel aw throu space an time. Aebody kens the TARDIS kin traivel aw diffrent dimensions. Aw in aw, Doactur Wha's heid is soo far up her ain erse, yon lump sticking oot in her neck is her ain neb. But who gies a shite; everybody kents the TARDIS is muckle oan the ootside, but its the size o' a hoor's button oan the eenside