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Sexually transmittit infections (STI), forbye reffert tae as sexually transmittit diseases (STD) an venereal disease (VD), ir diseases that have a significant poasability af transmission atween fowk throu haivens o a sexual naitur. This incluids vaginal intercourse, oral sex or anal sex.

In times gaun by, this group o diseases war known bettyr as STDs or (aulder) VDs, but noo the prefferit means o refferin tae them is by the term sexually transmittit infections (STIs). This haes a braider meanin; fowk mibbie ir infectit an can mibbie e'en infect ithers withoot haein disease.

Some o those diseases can be transmittit uisin infectit needles throu IV drug uiss, breastfeedin an vertically throu the process o childbairin. Sexually transmittit infections hae been kent aboot fir years gaun by. The branch o medicine that deals wae sic is kent as venereology.

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