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Science fiction

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(Reguidit frae Science Fiction)
File:But n ben.jpg
The batters o the beuk But 'N' Ben A-Go-Go

Science feection is scrievin that for ordinar taks place in the futur, an is quite weel-likit. Thare's monie forms o it sic as "Cyberpunk", "Hard Science Fiction", an "Soft Science Fiction". Monie fowk threaps that the novelle Frankenstein wis the first science feection novelle, but awtho it coud hae been the first it wisna till the "Dime Novels" o the 1920-30s, an the "pulps" o the 1950s that fowk taen tae it.

Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Fred Pohl, an Theodore Sturgeon is amang the maist kenspeckle science feection writers.

Ae science feection novelle in Wir Leid is But'N'Ben A-Go-Go bi Matthew Fitt.