Regent's Park

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(Reguidit frae Regent's Park, Lunnon)
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Regent's Park
Regent's Park bandstand.jpg
Regent's Park bandstand an loch
Location within central Lunnon
TeepPublic park
LocationLunnon, Ingland, UK
Coordinates51°31′56″N 0°09′24″W / 51.532222°N 0.156667°W / 51.532222; -0.156667Coordinates: 51°31′56″N 0°09′24″W / 51.532222°N 0.156667°W / 51.532222; -0.156667
Aurie395 acres (160 ha) (1.6 km²)
StatusOpen year roond

Regent's Park (offeecially The Regent's Park) is ane o the Ryal Pairks o Lunnon. It lies within inner North Wast Lunnon, pairtly in the Ceety o Westminster an pairtly in the Lunnon Borough o Camden.[1] It contains Regent's College an the Lunnon Zoo.

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