Praisent Tense

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Praisent tense is ae verb form that's maurkit bi time (tense).

The praisent tense is uised fer actions in ae time that's happenin the nou. Fer tae explain an unnerstaund the praisent tense, it's uissfu tae think o time lik ae line that the past tense, the praisent an the futur tense ar oan.

The uiss o praisent conteenuos tense:

  • a. Fer sommit that's happenin at the same time that ye'r speakin at.
  • b. Fer sommit that's happenin claiss tae the time o yer speakin, bit it disna hae tae be at the exact time that ye speak.
  • c. Fer sommit that's happenin clais tae the praisent (theday, this season)