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(Reguidit frae Potato)
A hail tattie (richt) an ane halvert.

A tattie is a plant that's scientific name is Solanum tuberosum.

The tattie plant growes weel in mony different pairts o the warld. A tattie bi a wee clow wae blawdis kennit as chunnis. The crony fit fowk eat growis unnergrund. It for ordinar haes a broun or pink skin an is white or yellae on the ben-end.

The tattie isna gey guid tae eat wioot ceukin. Fowk ceuks tatties by bylin, roastin, or fryin thaim. "chips" is tatties cuttit intae lang pieces an fried till thay are saft. Tattie crisps are tatties cuttit intae gey thin roond pieces an fried till thay are haurd. Not to be confused with pluck.

The tattie wis first growen an etten in the Andes Muntains o Sooth Americae. Whan the Europeans cam tae Sooth Americae, thay brocht the tattie back tae Europe.

image by Clusius (1583)