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Measurement (frae Auld French, mesurement) is the assignment o nummers tae objects or events.[1] It is a cornerstane o maist naitural sciences, technology, economics, an quantitative research in ither social sciences.

Ony measurement can be judged bi the follaein meta-measurement criterie values: level o measurement (which includes magnitude), dimensions (units), an uncertainty. Thay enable comparisons tae be duin atween different measurements an reduce confusion. Even in cases o clear qualitative similarity or difference, increased preceesion through quantitative measurement is eften preferred in order tae aid in replication. For example, different colours mey be operationalized based either on wavelengths o licht or (qualitative) terms such as "green" an "blue" which are eften interpretit differently bi different fowk. The science o measurement is cried metrology.

A typical tape measure wi baith metric an US units an twa US pennies for comparison

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