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(Reguidit frae Length)

In geometric measurements, lenth is the langest dimension o an object.[1] In ither contexts "length" is the measurt dimension o an object. For insample it is possible tae cut a length o a weir that is shorter than weir thickness.

Length mey be distinguished frae hicht, that is vertical extent, an weenth or brenth, that is the distance frae side tae side, measurin athort the object at richt angles tae the length. Ex. what's the lenth of the figure. Lenth is a measur o ane dimension, whaur aurie is a measur o twa dimensions (length squared) an volume is a measur o three dimensions (length cubed). In maist seestems o measurement, the unit o lenth is a fundamental unit, frae whilk ither units is defined.

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