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(Reguidit frae Heestory)

Historie (or history) is a term uised ti descrieve information that ist aboot the bygane. Whan uised as the name o a field o studie, historie refers ti the studie o the written historie o fowk. The 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica remerkt that:

Historie in the maist braid meanin is aw that haes came tae, no juist aw the phenomenae o human life, but thir o the naitural warld forby. That includes awthing that unnergaes chynge; an as modren science haes shawn that thar is nocht absolutelie staitic, tharfore the hail universe, an iverie pairt o it, haes its historie.

Knawledge o historie is aft sayd ti encompass baith ken o the past an historical thinkin skeels.

In modren academia, historie is nou mair acceptit as a social science, in parteecular whan chronologie an the speirin oot o siclyk is applee'd.