Harald V o Norawa

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(Reguidit frae Harald V)
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Harald V
H.M. Kong Harald taler (10308347696)- edit.jpg
Keeng Harald V in 2013
Keeng o Norawa
Ring 17 Januar 1991 – present
Benediction 23 Juin 1991[1]
Predecessor Olav V
Heir apparent Croun Prince Haakon
Prime Meenisters
Born (1937-02-21) 21 Februar 1937 (age 82)
Skaugum, Norawa
Spouse Sonja Haraldsen
Issue Princess Märtha Louise
Croun Prince Haakon
Hoose Hoose o Glücksburg[2]
Faither Olav V o Norawa
Mither Princess Märtha o Swaden
Releegion Lutheranism
Seegnatur Harald V's signature

Harald V (Norse pronunciation: [ˈhɑrːɑɫ]; born 21 Februar 1937) is the Keeng o Norawa.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Coronation discardit bi constitutional amendment in 1908. Harald V swore the Ryal Oath in the Storting on 21 Januar 1991 an received the benediction in the Nidaros Cathedral on 23 Juin 1991.
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