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Name[eedit soorce]

A'v taen anither thocht aboot pittin ower the name o this state. As A unnerstaund it the Cheenese chairacters for Eng. republic (共和国) leeterally means "common-thegither-kintra". Cuid we get awa wi pittin this ower wi commonweal? Fowk's Commonweal o Cheenae soonds better tae me nor Fowk's Republic o Cheenae, but A'm no wantin tae seem ower keen tae get awa frae the English juist for the sake o't. Mendor 12:14, 4 Mey 2006 (UTC)

The Cheenese leeterar meanin o republic is awfu interestin. Dis commonweal no mean something lik the common guid?
A aye thocht People's republic wis the wey commies aye did things.
Fowk's Republic aiblins bein a bittie o a calque o the German Volksrepublik but argiably Scots an aw. Wad the uiss o commonweal in the bygane haud wi sicna meanin as "common-thegither-kintra"? A certies aye still hae an open mynd aboot it. 21:08, 6 Mey 2006 (UTC)