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(Reguidit frae Buisiness)

A buisiness is a wey o organeesin wark, whaur ane or mair fowk offers tae sell gear or service tae ither fowk, for mair siller than it costs them tae mak or provide it. The differ gies siller tae pey the boss an his chiels, an likely tae keep a warkshop an ony byordinar gear needit. The nummer o fowk that works for a buisiness can be juist the ane, sic as in a baurber shop in a smaw toun, or as mony as hunders o thoosans o fowk aw ower the warld, sic as in a company that dreels for ile.

Some buisinesses dinna need a fixed place lik an office or a shop. A jyner or an electreecian that works for themsels maistlins taks awthing thay need for wark wi them, an fishermen that bides at sea wark oot o thair boats.

Buisiness, athoot an airticle, maistlins refers tae the current state o the ae buisiness or various buisinesses: "Buisiness is guid."