Boba Fett

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Boba Fett
Star Wars chairacter
A body in a Boba Fett costume
Portrayed biJeremy Bulloch (Episodes V-VI)
John Morton (ane scene in Episode V)
Mark Austin (Episode IV 1997 Special Edition an subsequent releases)
Don Bies/Nelson Hall (some scenes filmed for the Special Edeetion o Episode VI)
Daniel Logan (Episode II)
Vyced biDon Francks (The Star Wars Holiday Special and Star Wars: Droids)
Jason Wingreen (Episode V)
Alan Rosenberg (The Empire Strikes Back radio dramatization)
Ed Begley, Jr. (Return of the Jedi radio dramatization)
Tom Kane (Star Wars: Demolition, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy)
Temuera Morrison (Episode V 2004 DVD an subsequent releases, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Star Wars: Empire at War)
Dee Bradley Baker (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Kinect Star Wars, Star Tours: The Adventure Continues)
Daniel Logan (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
Fictional profile
PoseetionBounty hunter
AffiliationMandalorians, Bounty Hunter's Guild, Confederacy o Independent Seestems, Galactic Empire

Boba Fett is a feectional character in Star Wars.

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