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Clan Armstrong

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(Reguidit frae Armstrong)
Clan Armstrong
Mac Ghillieláidir[1]
Crest: An arm from the shoulder, armed, Proper[1]
MottoInvictus maneo (I remain unvanquished)[1]
RegionThe Mairches
Clan Armstrong haes na chief, an is an armigerous clan
Historic seatGilnockie Tower
Last ChiefArchibald Armstrong of Mangerton

Clan Armstrong is a Lawland Scots clan o the Mairches.[2] The clan daes no currently hae a chief recognisit bi the Lord Lyon King of Arms an tharefore it is considered an Armigerous clan.[2]

The Clan is currently representit globally bi the offeecial Clan Armstrong Trust in the Scots mairch region. The Preses o the Armstrong Clan Trust is Micheil Armstrong o Mungbyhurst CA,FCI,FSA SCOT, KLJ. The Clan Trust haes a museum in Langholm, Dumfriesshire, which hauds the biggest airchive o Armstrong history in the warld. Clan meetins tak place each simmer wi a formal gatherin ivery seicont year.


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