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.sco (dotSCO) is an Internet tap-level domain. It isna awfu clear whither it's meant tae be a naitional domain for Scotland, or for wabsteids in the Scots leid juist.

The campaign wis stertit efter the successfu inbringin o .cat for Catalonie. Houaniver, the .cat domain is offeicially resert for wabsteids that "hielicht the Catalan leid an cultur".

The mission statement o the campaign says that thay ar efter a .sco domain:

"acause the Scots leid an cultur is a commonty that we think shuid be identifee'd wi its ain domain on the internet. Unner a .SCO domain thae organisations, companies an fowk that pits thairsels ower in the Scots leid an/or wants tae forder Scots cultur will can be registert an will be clearly identifiable."

It isna clear whither wabsteids in Scotland's ither twa leids (Scots English an Gaelic) is meant tae be includit.

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