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.et is the kintra code tap-level domain (ccTLD) for Ethiopie.

Second-level Domains[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • .com.et, for commercial companies.
  • .gov.et, for governmental organisations.
  • .org.et, for non-profit organisations and non-governmental organisations.
  • .edu.et, for educational institutions.
  • .net.et, for network-related companies.
  • .biz.et, for businesses.
  • .mil.et, for Military.
  • .arct.et, for Architecture
  • .name.et, for individuals.
  • .info.et, for all uses.
  • .news.et, for News.
  • .ngo.et, for NGO.
  • .media.et, for Media
  • .int.et, for International.
  • .tv.et, for Television.
  • .mobi.et, for Mobiles.
  • .blog.et, for Blogs.
  • .ride.et, for Rides.
  • .bird.et, for Birds.
  • .sch.et for Elementary and high schools.
  • .crime.et for crimes Including Murder and Homicide