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Introduced 1987
TLD type Kintra code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Canadian Internet Registration Authority
Sponsor Govrenment o Canadae
Intendit uise Entities connectit wi
Actual uise Fairly popular in Canadae, where .ca is advantageous when sellin to a Canadian audience in Canadian dollars. Even so, often .com domains remeen preferrit in manufacturing and export trade.
Registered domains More than 2.3 million (Q4 2015)[2]
Registration restrictions There are Canadian presence requirements for registrants
Structur Provincially registered companies originally haed tae register at third level unner province code, but nou anybody mey register at seicont level
Documents Official CIRA documents
Dispute policies CIRA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (CDRP)
Wabsteid CIRA
DNSSEC yes[1]

.ca is the Internet kintra-code tap-level domain (CcTLD) for Canadae. The domain name registry that operates it is the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).

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