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Introduced 1986
TLD type Kintra code tap-level domain
Status Active
Registry Various
Sponsor .au Domain Administration (auDA)
Intendit uise Entities connectit wi  Australie
Actual uise Verra popular in Australie
Registered domains 3,068,471 (January 2017)[1]
Registration restrictions Leemitit tae individuals, companies, an organisations locatit in Australie; different subdomains hae various ither restrictions
Structur Names mey be registered anerly at the third level within generic seicont-level categories
Documents IANA report on redelegation; ICANN registry agreement
Dispute policies .au Dispute Resolution Policy (auDRP), Complaints (Registrant Eligibility) Policy
Wabsteid auDA; AusRegistry

.au is the Internet kintra code tap-level domain (ccTLD) for Australie. It wis first creautit on 5 Mairch 1986.[2]

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