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Jacques René Chirac (born on the 29t o November, 1932 in Paris) haes been the Preses o Fraunce syne 1995. He wis re-electit in 2002. He wis the preses till Mey 17t, 2007. He is the 22nt Prime Meenister o Fraunce.

Jacques Chirac

Adolescence-schooldays an efter[eedit | eedit soorce]

Born the 29t November 1932 in the Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire clinic service (in Paris), Jacques René Chirac (as full name) son o Abel François Chirac (1898 - 1968), bank-employee an administrator in the Aeronautic societie SNCAN an o Marie-Louise Valette (1902 - 1973). Baith come frae Correzian families whilka hae affore probably participatit tae the French Revolution.

Young Jacques Chirac begins studyin in the Primary School o Sainte-Féréole in Correze frae 1940 tae 1943 affore gaun tae Paris, in the lycée (hie-schuil) Carnot an tae the prestidgious hie-schuil Louis-le-Grand. Efter his final exam, obtainit in 1950 in « elementary mathematics » wi mention « guid eneuch », he warks thrie months in a boat, the Capitaine Saint-Martin, altho his fither disagreed. In Fraunce again he maks a year o "Scientific Studies".

  • He integrates in September 1951, the Poleetical Sciences Institute in Paris. He warks as diffusor o the French Communist Party wi Jean Bourgeois the editor. He sells "l'Humanité" (Humanity, French Communist Newspaper). He signs in 1950 the Stockholm Ca', agains nuclear airmin, o communist an humanist inspiration. Efter that he gangs study in the Unitit States he is diplomit o the "Summer school" (Simmer Schuil) o Harvard in 1952, an taks a year o chamage tae discover America.