Gothic metal

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Gothic metal
Stylistic oreegins Gothic rock, hivy metal,
doom metal, daith/doom
Cultural oreegins Early 1990s, Europe
Teepical instruments Vocals, electric guitar,
acoustic guitar, bass guitar,
drums, keybuirds,
violin, cello
Regional scenes
Ingland, Finland,
The Netherlands, Norawa,
Swaden, Germany,
Italy, Poland
Ither topics
Leet o gothic metal baunds

Gothic metal or goth metal is a subgenre o hivy metal. Gothic metal combines the aggression o hivy metal wi the daurk melancholy o gothic rock. The muisic o gothic metal is diverse wi baunds kent tae adopt the gothic approach tae different styles o hivy metal muisic. Leerics are generally melodramatic an mournful wi inspiration fr gothic fiction as well as personal experiences.