Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright in March 1926
Born Frank Lincoln Wright
Juin 8, 1867(1867-06-08)
Richland Center, Wisconsin[1]
Dee'd Aprile 9, 1959(1959-04-09) (agit 91)
Phoenix, Arizona[2]
Cause o daith Surgery
Naitionality American
Eddication Madison High School
Alma mater University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hame toun Chicago, Illinois
Hicht 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Releegion Unitarian[3]
Spoose Catherine Wright (m. 1889–1922),
Maude Wright (m. 1923–27),
Olgivanna Wright (m. 1928–59)
Childer Lloyd Wright · John Lloyd Wright · Catherine Baxter · Svetlana Milanoff · Catherine Wright · Frances Wright · David Wright · Iovanna Wright
Parents William Carey Wright
Anna Lloyd Jones

Frank Lincoln Wright (8 Juin 18679 Aprile 1959) wis an architect from the United States. He wis kent for creating many buildings such as the Robie House and the Fallingwater. He wis frae Chicago, Illinois.

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