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Ford Orion Mark III

The Ford Orion is a saloon caur built bi the automaker Ford for the European market frae 22 Julie 1983 till 19 September 1993. A total o 534,239 Orions wur sold throughoot the caur's 10-year life.

The Orion is based on the Ford Escort, but at the back, instead o the Escort's hatchback, the Orion features a separate trunk / boot. Visually the Orion's notch-back rear end an greater rear overhang make it readily distinguishable frae its better sellin sibling.

Interniational variants[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Brazilian Ford Verona wis similar tae the Orion (the 1993 model wis identical, except for the bootlid badge), but it uised the Ford CHT ingine pouer unit in place o the CVH an Zetec installed in the Orion.

Ither Ford Orions[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • The 2008 model o the lairge rear-wheel drive Ford Falcon FG in Australie, the FG, wis code-named 'Orion'.
  • The Orion name wis uised in New Zealand for the seicont generation Ford Telstar, when sold alangside the replacement third generation Telstar range.