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Location o Arnhem

Ltspkr.pngArnhem (Low-Saxon: Ernem) is a ceity in the aest o the Netherlands, an the caipital o the province Gelderland. It haes aboot 141 600 indwallers (2005), an is ane o the 15 lairgest ceities in the Netherlands.

Arnhem wis grantit ceity-richts in 1233 bi Otto II, coont o Guelders that wis Coont o Zutphen.

Arnhem ceityhaw in 1840

In 1850 Arnhem haed aboot 9 000 indwallers, but in the 19t hunneryear Arnhem becam popular wi upper-cless fowk frae the wastren pairt o the Netherlands.

John Frost brig

Throu Warld-War II Arnhem wis skaithed sair. In the battle o Arnhem in September 1944 mony Breetish and Polish sodgers wis kilt. Efter the battle o Arnhem wis lost, 95 000 ceetizen war evacuated, feckly to the open air museum whaur they bidet in the 19. hunneryear ferms. Efter they cam back, the ceity was herried. Many biggins was malafousterd. In 1978 the brig over the watter Rhine was named efter John Frost, the Breetish heidsman.

Efter the war Arnhem wis upbuilt again. Arnhem is the hindermaist ceity wi a trolley bus.

Tourist Attractions[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Burgers Zoo
  • Nederlands openluchtmuseum - a open air museum wi 18t and 19t hunneryear ferms
  • Eusebiuskerk - Lairgest kirk o Arnhem
  • Park Sonsbeek
  • John Frost Brig
  • Bronbeek - museum aboot Dutch colonialism in the Dutch-Indies