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This article is aboot the internaitional metropolitan region. For the ceeties o San Diego an Tijuana, see San Diego an Tijuana.

Coordinates: 32°32′31.87″N 117°01′46.63″W / 32.5421861°N 117.0296194°W / 32.5421861; -117.0296194

San Diego–Tijuana
Metropolitan aurie o the Californias
Images frae top, left tae richt: Marina District, Tijuana Cultural Center, Centre City, San Diego Bay an urban aurie (partial), Embarcadero, Avenida Revolucion, an Border Field State Park
Primary urban aurie o San Diego–Tijuana
Country Unitit States United States
Mexico Mexico
State Template:Kintra data California California
Baja California Baja California
Principal ceeties San Diego
 - Tijuana
 - Chula Vista
 - Carlsbad
 - San Marcos
 - National City
 - Rosarito Beach
 - Tecate
 • Total 16,194 sq mi (41,940 km2)
Elevation 0 - 6,533 ft (0 - 1,991 m)
Population (2012 est.)[1]
 • Density 1,020/sq mi (394/km2)
 • Metro 5,271,078 (19t)
Time zone PST (UTC-8)

San Diego–Tijuana, kent as Tijuana–San Diego an aw, is an internaitional metropolitan aurie, or conurbation,[2] on the border atween the twa lairge North American coastal ceeties o San Diego, Californie, Unitit States an Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. The region consists o San Diego Coonty in the Unitit States an the municipalities o Tijuana, Rosarito Beach, an Tecate in Mexico. The 2012 population o the region wis 5,271,078, makkin it the lairgest bi-national conurbation shared atween the Unitit States an Mexico an the third lairgest in the warld.[3] The region maintains global ceeties an is kent for its cultur, history, technological innovations, natural geografie, an tourism.

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