Richard Lugar

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Richard Lugar
Unitit States Senator
frae Indiana
In office
Januar 3, 1977 – Januar 3, 2013
Precedit bi Vance Hartke
Succeeded by Joe Donnelly
Chairman o the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
In office
Januar 3, 2003 – Januar 3, 2007
Precedit bi Joseph Biden
Succeeded by Joseph Biden
In office
Januar 3, 1985 – Januar 3, 1987
Precedit bi Charles H. Percy
Succeeded by Claiborne Pell
Chairman o the Senate Committee on Agricultur, Nutreetion an Forestry
In office
Januar 20 – Juin 6, 2001
Precedit bi Tom Harkin
Succeeded by Tom Harkin
In office
Januar 4, 1995 – Januar 3, 2001
Precedit bi Patrick Leahy
Succeeded by Tom Harkin
44t Mayor o Indianapolis
In office
Januar 1, 1968 – Januar 1, 1976
Precedit bi John J. Barton
Succeeded by William H. Hudnut III
Personal details
Born Richard Green Lugar
Aprile 4, 1932 (1932-04-04) (age 82)
Indianapolis, Indiana
Poleetical pairty Republican
Spoose(s) Charlene Smeltzer Lugar
Residence Indianapolis, Indiana
Alma mater Denison Varsity (B.A.)
Pembroke College, Oxford (B.A., M.A.)
Profession manufacturin executive
Releegion Methodist
Military service
Service/branch Unitit States Navy seal Unitit States Navy
Years o service 1957–1960
Rank US-O2 insignia.svg Lieutenant, Junior Grade

Richard Lugar (Richard Green "Dick" Lugar; 4 Aprile 1932) wis a senator from America. He wis senator of Indiana from 1977 to 2013.