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A metre is the basic unit o lenth in the SI meisurment seestem. Bi the wey o an aerly defineition, it wis 1/10,000,000 (ae ten-milliont) o the lenth atween the Yird's equator an the North Powl. The metre is nou offeicially defined as the lenth licht gangs in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 o a seicont.

Ither aften-uised units o lenth is the millimetre (seembol mm, equal tae 1/1000 m), centimetre (seembol cm, equal tae 1/100 m) an kilometre (seembol km, equal tae 1000 m)

1000 mm = 1 m
100 cm = 1 m
1 km = 1000 m

In the Imperial seestem o meisurment, ae metre is equal tae aboot 39.37 inch, 3.28 fit, or aboot 1.09 yaird.

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