Internaitional Mither Tongue Day

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Shaheed Minar, or the Martyr's monument, locatit naur Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh, commemorates the sacrifice for the Bangla leid on 21st Februar, 1952

The 21st o Februar wis proclaimt Internaitional Mither Tongue Day bi UNESCO in November 1999.

The Internaitional Mither Tongue Day is obserred ilka year in UNESCO member states an at its heidquarters for tae forder lingueestic an cultural diversity an multileengualism.

It is the internaitional recogneetion o Langage Martyrs' Day, commemorate in Bangladesh syne 1952, whan monie Bengali-spaekin fowk wis massacred bi the Pakistani polis an airmie in Dhaka.

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